Zuri®, the future of Care Management!

Care Planning

Detailed, personalised care plans per patient.


Fully integrated with electronic Medication Administration Records


The most flexible and detailed rostering system for care homes and care agencies.


Billing and Time Sheet Management

HR Management

An integrated human resource management solution


Zuri provide advanced dynamic dashboards for detailed analytics.


Zuri® is compatible with a number of IoT devices allowing to remotely monitor clients.

Fully Secure

Fully encrypted, fully secure, GDPR compliant!

Cloud Based

Secure cloud based storage makes for a more efficient working environment.

GDPR Ready

Zuri® is fully compliant and tested ahead of the new GDPR 2018 regulations.

Designed for Care homes and Homecare

Unlike many other care planning software that was originally designed as rostering system or billing software and ended up having a 'Care plan module' bolted on,
Zuri® was designed and engineered from the ground up to be a dedicated Care Management software solution for both Care Homes and Homecare!

Designed by Nurses for Nurses and Care Staff, at Zuri we understand the complexity of running a care business, making Zuri the answer to all your care management requirements.

Zuri® is a ISO 9001 and Certified and ISO 27001 Certification Pending Company


The main issue as a Care Home or Care Agency operator is the multiple choice of different 'Care Planning' software available nowadays! Some are good but many aren't. There are a number of points that should be taken into consideration when looking to start using a Care Planning software and here are some of them:
For Carers

The majority of Carers have limited or no knwoledge of complex computer systems and they must be given a solution that is intuitive, easy to use and to the point as any time wasted on a care planning software is time they don't spend with the clients!! For Care Agency workers, they have no access to the full care history of the client they are caring for and if working on-site, have limited means of getting support.

For Managers

Care Home Manager are required to handle so much paperwork that it means spending many hours a week completing reports, checking that assessments and care plans have been completed as well as tracking, measuring and supporting the activities of carers. Paper based records create ongoing operational problems and many existing care planning software are unable to handle the tasks properly.

For Directors

Directors want to have easy access to historical care data. When held in paper form, risk management, audit accountability and regulatory compliance are onerous and fraught with difficulty. Furthermore, the introduction of the new Data Protection regulations (GDPR) in 2018 means paper records (as well as several existing care management software currently on the market) will no longer comply with the requirements!


Real-time data, delivered where and when it's needed.
Zuri® solves data management problems for carers, managers, directors, families, healthcare professionals and the clients, here is how...

Zuri® works on PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets and smartphones.

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Our pricing is based on the number of system users or clients you have and is all inclusive.
Here is six good reasons why Zuri® pricing model is perfectly suited for a Care environment!
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Zuri® is produced by Care Software Solutions, a company in Jersey that specialises in digital end-to-end care management solutions for Care Homes and the Homecare sector. Cheryl Kenealy, founder of Care Software Solutions, is a registered nurse who owns both a nursing home and a domiciliary home care business in Jersey. Cheryl found the conventional system of paper based records to be laborious, time consuming, inefficient and unreliable, making audit of care difficult, onerous and unreliable.

She discovered that there was no software solution available that suited the needs of her own home care business, so she decided to build the right product for the market. Cheryl's own experience in the delivery of care services has shaped her approach to the architecture, security and functionality of Zuri®. Cheryl and her team understand your business, and their mission is to make your care organisation management easier, more secure and more effective through brilliant intuitive technology.

Zuri® comprises a suite of solution packages tailored to meet your care planning, rostering, eMAR and HR admin requirements.

IoT (Internet of Things) will become mainstream in healthcare by 2020 and beyond, and across the globe, there is an evolving focus on improving the health of the population and control spiralling healthcare costs. At Zuri®, we have a stronger focus on consumer engagement and an innovative approach to integrated 'IoT based Healthcare' ensuring your care delivery model adopts connected health technology to support your clients.