Advanced invoicing system and pre-payroll processing time-sheet management.


Zuri® Financials will take care of all your billing and invoicing needs. An initial configuration allows you to setup the different rates to be charged for each client based on a number of settings such as period of the year, duration of the visit, staff skills, extra requirements..etc providing you the ability to setup a rate for every type of eventuality.

Zuri® provides you the option to have up to a staggering 88 different rates for each client! The clever alogorithm will then select the correct rate to be used based on the various conditions that are met (bank holidays, night or day visit, different staff with different skill visiting insteaf of the planned one...etc). Once the rates have been applied automatically bu Zuri®, you can then generate client's invoices.

Zuri® has a similar setup option to configure the different fundings possible, whether it is a percentage funding, a fixed fee funding or a top-up funding, Zuri® can handle them all. You can also add additional products and services provided to the client on top of the visits directly to the invoices. Once the invoices have been generated, they can either be printed or emailed directly to the client. You can then manage their payments or part-payments and once fully paid, invoices are archived for future references if required.

An export function to securely transfer your invoices to your accounting package is in development. This will provide you the ability to export your invoices directly to Sage, Quickbooks and Xero accouting suites.


To complement the invoicing system, Zuri® also has an advanced staff time management system built-in. Zuri® allows you to configure clearly defined tasks and visits, the system then monitors who do those visits, what time they arrive on=site and what time they leave, comparing this to the scheduled times and reporting back for any lateness or shorter/longer visits.

Zuri® provides an easy way for staff to log they work progress while on-site so the efficiency of the visit is monitored in real time. Zuri® also tracks the mileage and additional costs staff may be incurring. It then produce a time sheet with a detailed breakdown of the hours performed, the additional costs incurred and an option for each staff to review their own time sheet and even raise a query about one or more of the visits if they are not in agreement with the system

Zuri® provide your organisation a simple way to configure "tolerances". This is how you configure Zuri® on how to handle staff that arrives early or late, and staff that leaves early or late.

Key Features:

  • Up to 88 different rates for each client covering every possible type of visits
  • Hundreds of possible way to configure funding to cover every type of funding possible
  • Entirely automated charging system, once a visit is completed, Zuri® will raise the charge automatically and alert management if not matching the expected value
  • Easy management of the invoices, tracking of due date, tracking of payments and part payments.
  • Dashboard statistics with amount charged, invoices paid and unpaid, amount of visits cancelled, completed...etc
  • Easy tracking of staff visits with day ahead information on upcoming visits and time countdown before the visit
  • Automated staff payment generation based on organisation global rates, tolerances and individual hourly rates
  • Dahsboard to track efficiency of the visits comparing amount charged vs staff costs
  • Statistics to view planned visits vs scheduled visits vs actual visits and any latenesses or cancellation