Flexible and detailed rostering system for care homes and care agencies.

The Zuri® Rostering system started with one of our long term care plan management client approaching us and saying they had tried every single rostering system available on the market and had to revert back in using a complex in-house developed excel spreadsheet as they could not find the functionalities they required with the available rostering systems.

Zuri® Rostering platform creates a consolidated, intuitive rostering solution allowing managers to more efficiently manage staffing schedules, taking into account and matching client and staff requirements and preferences with staff skills sets. Zuri® Rostering is an easy to use, intuitive roster planning solution, which saves valuable time and thus money, increasing and maximising efficiencies. With the simple drag, drop, and right click functionality, shifts are clearly shown, highlighting gaps in schedules and unallocated visits. Complex multiple visits are effortlessly allocated with the “learn my rota” ability, in which Zuri® Rostering automatically allocates rosters from previously learned algorithms and data sets. Missed / late visit alerts are sent to managers so care visits are reconciled and reallocated. Care workers can check in and out using Zuri® Web App and Mobile App, making time and attendance easily auditable.

Key Features:

  • Easy week or day view staff availability and let your own staff specify their own availability if required
  • Detailed settings to create, teams, locations, areas, periods to organise roster in specific groups
  • Linked with the Zuri Care Planning and Visit Scheduling feature so all tasks performed during a visit are logged in the client care plans and assessments
  • Intuitive Rostering, Zuri only show you staff that are available to do the selected shift. (override possible if required)
  • Mileage calculation between visits
  • Live coloiur coded roster status when a staff arrives on site or has completed a visit
  • Colour coded view of staff that are absent, on holidays or in training
  • Intelligent filtering based on client's preferences, staff abilities and qualifications, and staff preferences
  • Open shift management. Zuri automatically send an SMS and message to all suitable staff if a shift requires cover
  • Alert system if a shift previously covered is affected by a staff change
  • Timesheet and cost reports
  • Visit logs with percentage completed
  • Visit List per client
  • Dynamic Dashboards reporting on all visits, hours and statistics
  • Visit Widget to view at a glance what is happening with your roster when on the Zuri's homepage
  • On-going development of a Zuri's intellident rostering that learn as you use the rostering system and suggest suitable covers
  • Agency staff cover allocation