Integrated electronic Medication Administration Records

The Zuri® eMar solution has been developed on the principles of the Five Rights (The Right dosage of the Right medication given to the Right patient, at the Right time via the Right route) as recommended by the NHS and the Care Quality Commission and recognised as being the correct approach to adopt in medication administration rounds.

Zuri® eMAR platform is designed to display to staff only the medication information which is relevant to the clients at a specific time. The system has been proven to eliminate missed medications, reduce round times and offer increased safety by factoring out human error. With our double authorisation security checks on entered medications, transcription errors are eliminated, thereby increasing safety and compliance. In addition, reports can be accessed quickly for auditing purposes showing for example the chronological order of a client’s history of medication and which medications you will need to reorder so you always have the required amount on site.

In order to comply with the Five Rights process, the Zuri eMar will first prompt you to create an eMar period if there isn’t one created. You can set the start date and add the 28 days period. Once created, the Zuri eMar automatically detects and selects the Right time for the round you are about to administer for the selected client. To make sure the Right patient is selected, the Zuri eMar prominently displays the name of the patient in 3 different locations as well as show the photo ID. The round (also called session) time can be changed/ overridden by a manager or above if required but in general conditions, the round does not need to be changed.

Once a round (or session) has been started, the Zuri eMar will automatically indicate the right medications that needs to be administered for that round, and how many medications you have to administer. Once you select a medication, the Zuri eMar will display a photo of the medication package (if applicable) in order to facilitate identification and will also give you the right dosage and the right route to use for it. You then simply select whether that medication was administered, refused or other status and press “Confirm”. An alert will automatically be generated if anything other than administered is selected, to monitor omitted or refused doses. All missed medication will automatically generate an alert.

Once you have completed the round, the Zuri eMar will show you a list of what has just been administered. It will also record the details and produce the MAR sheet for you automatically.

Key Features:

  • Electronic Medication Record
  • Timed administration schedule
  • Alerts for allergies
  • Prescription history
  • Stropped medication history
  • Suspended medication history
  • New medication authorisation
  • Reduce missed doses
  • Refused medication alerts
  • Late mediation alerts
  • eMar record audit trail
  • Private internal messaging system
  • Medication reports
  • Increased safety
  • Increased compliance
  • Mediation training alerts