Les Amis – Supporting and empowering people with disabilities


Les Amis approached Cheryl at Care Software Solutions when they heard about the fantastic personalised home care plan management software that they had developed. Les Amis wanted to introduce a “digital Care plan management tool that would allow them to have access to all information of all clients at numerous sites across the island”. They wanted to have real time access to all information due to their diverse client group and locations


Les Amis is a charity based in Jersey that supports and empowers people with learning difficulties. They have over 150 support workers and numerous locations where their services are delivered, and found that not having access to reliable networked information, care plans and care records were not being updated as required. They wanted to implement a robust and secure software solution that would meet their care planning, record keeping and compliance requirements.

Zuri® looked attractive as a solution, as their Domiciliary project was time bound. Zuri® could add a structured and secure framework which sat within the regulatory framework that they were governed by.

Using unique software, Zuri® allowed them to have “access to a paperless management system, with fully encrypted data storage, and gave them instant access to archived material without mountains of waste.” This would prove to be the ideal solution to an ongoing problem.

Their framework and resident profiles were very detailed and person centred, and instant access to this information was required when needed. This would make for “easier documentation and leaner time frames, without affecting supported hours.” What stood out most for Les Amis was that Zuri® was “person Centred” with was very important to them and their service, which was person led.

Les Amis Manager, Andy Millet implemented Zuri® into their Domiciliary Care Service in 2015, and following updates and new versions of Zuri® , has now started implementing it into his residential settings, as Zuri® can now extend the services to both home care and care home markets. Zuri® is easy to use and follow, and their safe and secure solution gives much tidier accessible access to your client information. More importantly, Zuri® gave Les Amis instant access to any issue that arose within their entire organisation.


Andy would recommend Zuri® to anyone looking for a simple, effective digital system. Zuri® offered fantastic delivery and their training and education on the software use was seamless. Les Amis felt that “Zuri® was an exciting prospect for all organisations within the care sector.” Les Amis have not yet implemented Zuri® ’s eMAR solution, but plan to do so later this year.